The Teamwork and Innovation Award

Mission and Background

The Vancouver School Board based Robotics Competition was started to encourage the developing interest of students of all skills levels with robotics with a focus on inclusivity. This competition does not require students to possess specific or exclusive robotics kits to compete. In addition, there is no aggregate scoring system to qualify participants for the next competition. The emphasis of this competition is to foster interest in robotics and encourage awareness and growth in STEM education among children and adolescents. Competitions take place once a month and feature themes involving real-world problem which participants are encouraged to solve through the use of robotics and design.

The Teamwork and Innovation Award Details

This competition places importance in collaboration and synergistic approaches to creative problem solving and design implementation. At the end of the season, The Teamwork and Innovation Award, which recognizes outstanding examples of teamwork through innovative design, is granted to one team. Teams are encouraged to submit a short video or written excerpt detailing their team dynamics and how design and innovation is being fostered through a collaborative and integrated approach. Teams may submit one entry per competition; video entries can be uploaded to Youtube, with the link emailed to the administrator, or may be emailed directly to the administrator. All entries must be submitted prior to the start of the competition. The winning entry will be uploaded to the Awards page of this website.