The Robot

(Rt0) The robot must be constructed/programmed/repaired by the students only.  Anyone who is not a student may not construct, program, and/or repair the robot.

(Rt1) A robot must not be larger than 9″ x 18″ x 18″ during the start of the match.  The robot can expand after the start of the match, but cannot be larger than the above measurements.  Also the robot cannot detached or leave components unattended during the match play period. (Updated Sep.30.17)

(Rt1a) A Robot may not launch/detach a component – such as a projectile.

(Rt2) An inspection process will take place for each robot before the start of the competition.  A robot must past the inspection process before being allowed to compete.

(Rt3) The robot may have as unlimited number of ‘brains’, motors, and batteries.

(Rt4) All parts of the robot must be constructed using any or all of the following robotics platforms:

  • VEX-EDR (Metal)
  • VEX-IQ (Plastic)
  • LEGO-Mindstorm

(Rt5) No additional components functional/non-functional and/or decorative/non-decorative outside of the above stated platforms may be used.

(Rt5a) A robot may be constructed using used components or repaired components.  Example: motors may have their wires re-soldered or internal components may be changed but cannot use unauthorized parts to provide an upgrade or an advantage.

(Rt5b) Components may not be augmented to provide an upgrade or an advantage.  Such as drilling the motor casing to provide faster cooling. Thermo sensors within the motor may not be bypassed to provide continuous use.

(Rt6) The robot/parts of the robot may not damage the game field and/or game element(s).

(Rt7) A single license plate with the team ID must be attached to the robot and must be clearly visible to the Ref.

(Rt8) The Robot must operate inside the field perimeter area.  However, it can operate at any height above the perimeter area.

(Rt9) Each robot must have 2 drivers (minimum), and may have unlimited number of drivers per event.  However, each driver may only operate 1 designated robot per event.
All of the above stated robot rules will be subject to change.  Refer to this page regularly and often.

All of the above stated robot rules will be subject to change.  Refer to this page regularly and often.