Before the Competition

Step 1: Register for each individual event separately.

Step 2: Know the dates and times of each event.

Step 3: Prepare your ‘Field Trip Permission forms’ designated by your school district, as well as additional forms required by our competition.

Step 4: Prepare a transportation plan for each event.

Step 5: Prepare additional supervisor(s) as outlined by your school district’s field trip policies.

Know your Terms:

  • Inspection Area (each robot must be inspected)
  • Driver Control
  • Semi-Autonomous Control
  • Full-Autonomous Control
  • Game Match Field
  • Registration table
  • Pit Area
  • Pit tables


  • Experiment with your Robot
  • Attend a Scrimmage/Practice Match (if available)
  • Get Advice and Feedback from the judges, referees, and your team coach(s)
  • Rebuild (if necessary) and Improve your robot design

You should:

  • Know the Game
  • Read the game documentations and check the website for the latest game updates
  • Sign up for a competition