Robot Night – December 14, 2018 – John Oliver Secondary

Hello Everyone,

We will divide the games into first half of the evening and second half of the evening.  The following games will be available at this robot night:

Driver Challenges:

Challenge – Recycling – Landfill (1st half)

Challenge – Recycling – Sorting (2nd half)

Autonomous Challenges: (All Night)

Programming Activity 1 – “Escape Room”  Robot will use sensors and/or computer program to maneuver out of a confine space and into another area.  Timed Activity.

Programming Activity 2 – “Clift Hanger”  Robot will drive from a specific “Start” location on the table to the edge of the table without falling over.  Distance achieved will be measured.

Programming Activity 3 – “Roomba”  Robot will Navigate a Maze.  Each check point passed is a level of achievement. (Very similar to Activity 1)

Programming Activity 4 – “Delivery Line”  Robot will follow a black line on white background with straight runs and turns to deliver a game object.  Each check point passed is a level of achievement.

Advanced Challenge:

Challenge – VEX-IQ Game 2018-2019 (Available all night)

Good Luck Everyone!



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Robotics is the new definition for 'Challenge'.
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