January 2017

For January and March 2017, our game challenge theme is Recycling.

Recycling is played on an 8 feet by 8 feet vex robotics competition play field.  Recycling is played with one robot at a time competing for the highest score possible.

Please refer to the section “The Game” for specific game details and restrictions (Link).

There will be 30 pop cans used for each match.

There are 3 ways to score in this game:

First score directly with a pop can in a score zone.

There are 4 scoring zones each with a different value of scores

  • The first score zone: the floor goal – each pop can in this score zone is worth 1 point
  • The second score zone: the land fill – each pop can in this score zone is worth 2 points
  • The third score zone: the dumpster – each pop can in this score zone is worth 3 points
  • The fourth score zone: the table top – each pop can in this score zone is worth 4 points

The second method to scoring: Stacking cans

The stack must be free standing and unassisted in order to be qualify for scoring.
There are two locations where stacking cans will be counted: the floor goal, and the table top.  Only the tallest stack will be counted.

  • Two cans stacked – 5 points
  • Three cans stacked – 10 points
  • Four cans stacked – 20 points
  • Five cans stacked – 40 points

The third method to scoring: Holding the Can

Points will be awarded to the Robot holding the game object above the foam tiles.
The referee will measure the held game object at the end of the match.   For every inch off the foam tile (between the foam tile and the bottom of the game object) is worth 1 additional point.  In order for this option to be counted, the robot must be touching the foam tile and not touching any other game elements and/or game structure (this will include the perimeter wall).

There will be two colour foam tiles for this game.


  • The robot will start at a colour foam tile.
  • The game elements may be placed in the other colour foam tile via the use of the ‘holding bracket’.  The bracket will be removed before the start of the match.

Floor Goal


Land Fill







Table Top


Table Top Height 12.5″

Table top Size: 12″ x 12″


Game Elements Arrangements



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